Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Disputation between Jonas and Fiona

Jonas: Hi Fiona, how are you ? I have to tell you something.

Fiona: Hey Jonas I'm fine. What's wrong with you ?

Jonas: Good. I want to leave the community.

Fiona: What? Why? .. But.. you can't do that Jonas!

Jonas: Fiona.. I can't explain it, you wouldn't understand it, it's very hard for me..

Fiona: But why did you tell me then ? Come on Jonas. I'm sure I will understand it. Tell me your motives.

Jonas: Okay Fiona. The memories, which I got from the Giver, are so wonderful. I want to feel them in the real life. Although there were some very painful memories but they are feelings, too, and I want to feel.

Fiona: Why do you want to feel pain? It's the silliest thing I've ever heard. And you are able to feel in our community too. For example what do you feel for me?

Jonas: I don't want to feel pain! There are very much wonderful things in the real life. Yes, I have feelings for you my little honey, but it isn’t the same! I told you, that you wouldn’t understand it. And there are not only the feelings I want to enjoy, there are things you've never seen before. You can't imagine things like snow or a rainbow, wonderful things!

Fiona: But it’s nice in our community too. Isn’t it? Remember climate control. We have enough to eat every month, because our fields grow up constantly and every time.

Jonas: No it isn’t! Everything is controlled by the government. And the climate control isn’t nice. Maybe it is nice for you, because you don’t know what sunshine, rain or snow is.

Fiona: Yes I don’t know what these things are. But that isn’t bad. I‘m happy here. But without you it wouldn’t be the same. You can’t leave me.

Jonas: Yes, you don’t know what these things are, so you haven’t any idea and I know what these things are, because I got the wonderful memories from the Giver. I can’t stay here any longer, because I want to see and feel all these wonderful memories every time and not only want to have it in my mind.

Fiona: I can really understand you. But do you want to leave your friends, your family and Gabriel alone? And what will happen to the memories if you leave the community?

Jonas: It’s hard to leave them, if I could I would take you all with me, but I think it isn’t a great idea, because the government would find us. And my father is a killer, I hate him, he lied to me every time in my whole life. When I leave the community, the memories I got, will come back to all people, maybe then you can better understand what I mean with all these wonderful things! And maybe then you and other people want to leave the community, too.

Fiona: But you said there are many painful memories. How should the community handle this?

Jonas: The Giver will stay here and help you.

Fiona: Would you take me with you?

Jonas: No I can’t! I’m so sorry, but the government would find us. I hope you will come to me any time when all the memories came back to the people. But I will go now. I love you !

Fiona: Jonas !!

Jonas: Roderik
Fiona: Simon

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Summary of chapter 15 ;)

The Giver is in terrible pain, and he asks Jonas to take the memory, which he is having. He gives Jonas a memory of a war, where a man injured and dying on the battlefield. In the memory, Jonas is a young man who gives another badly injured solider water and then stays with the other soldier as he dies. Jonas is himself injured, and the pain he feels is terrible. Then the Giver is apologize for that and asks Jonas to forgive him, although they both know that The Giver didn’t have the strength to carry the memory himself any longer.

This was a short summary of the chapter 15, I hope it will be helpfull for you :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vocabulary part 2

Here is the continue of the vocabular list for all my loving fans  ;) :**

obsolete                  überholt, außer Gebrauch
to perceive              etw. bemerken
(un)predictable        (un)berechenbar, vorhersehbar
punishment              Bestrafung, Strafe
receive                    etw. annehmen
recreation                Entspannung, Erfrischung
release                    abbauen, abfallen, abgeben
reneval                    Auswechslung, Erneuerung
replacement             Ablösung, Austausch
request                    Abforderung, Abfrage
resignation               Abdankung, Abtritt
rude                        gemein
sameness                Eintönigkeit, Gleichheit
solemn                    ernst, feierlich, festlich
spouse                    Ehepartner/-in
to standardize         etw. normalisieren
stir                          Aufregung, Bewegung
successor                Erbe/-in
to suffer                  etw. aushalten
transgression           Überschreiten, Verstoß, Sünde
to transmit               absetzen, aussenden
violation                  Bruch, Entweihung, Missbrauch
volunteer                 Ehrenamtlicher, Freiwillige
wand                      Lesestift, Stab, Zauberstab
watchful                  aufmerksam, wachsam

So that was the vocabulary list for you :** <33
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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Some vocabulary ;)

to achieve                      schaffen, erreichen
adequate                        passend, richtig
admonition                     Ermahnung
alien                               Fremd
announcement                Bekanntgabe, Durchsage
awe                               Ehrfurcht
burden                           Last, Bürde
capacity                         Aufnahmefähigkeit, Leistungsfähigkeit
to chant                         singen
citizen                            Bürger
(in)convenient                angenehm, praktisch
correspond                    entsprechen
counsel                           Beratung
decision                         der Beschluss
disgrace                         die Blamage
elderly                            ältlich, bejahrt
elect                               auserwählt
(un)endurable                 erträglich
exhausting                      anstrengend
failure                             Ausfall
interdependence             Abhängigkeit
mischief                          Gefahr
modify                            abändern
nourishment                    die Ernährung
obey                               Folge leisten

I will complete this list next day ;)
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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