Thursday, March 10, 2011


Some vocabulary ;)

to achieve                      schaffen, erreichen
adequate                        passend, richtig
admonition                     Ermahnung
alien                               Fremd
announcement                Bekanntgabe, Durchsage
awe                               Ehrfurcht
burden                           Last, Bürde
capacity                         Aufnahmefähigkeit, Leistungsfähigkeit
to chant                         singen
citizen                            Bürger
(in)convenient                angenehm, praktisch
correspond                    entsprechen
counsel                           Beratung
decision                         der Beschluss
disgrace                         die Blamage
elderly                            ältlich, bejahrt
elect                               auserwählt
(un)endurable                 erträglich
exhausting                      anstrengend
failure                             Ausfall
interdependence             Abhängigkeit
mischief                          Gefahr
modify                            abändern
nourishment                    die Ernährung
obey                               Folge leisten

I will complete this list next day ;)
Many kisses and so on... :D :* love love love


  1. You put a lot of effort in this. Great! ;p

  2. very great but i think there are some more of unknown vocabularies aren´t there?:D

  3. Well done Roddy, I'm sure it's the best i've ever seen.. :***
    Now shut up and let it go ;)noooo, u know what i mean...
    i guess you did enough and now you can shake your ***
    P.S.: I have 1 question:
    When i search the translation for 'correspond' i get a lot of other options to translate, why is in your list only one option ? Maybe, because of the context in this book?

  4. Thank you for your comments all my lovers *-*
    @ alex : next day i will complete it :*
    @ marco: Because of the context in this book ;) :**

    loooovvvveeeeeee <33 :*

  5. good job roddy!
    i guess it will be really helpful to understand the book

    thanks a lot! ;)

  6. Roddy - you should seriously think about deleting those comments that are not referring to content of the book.